Stu Mollrich began producing media when radio commercials were spliced by hand, television commercials were shot on 3/4” videotape and computers were programmed with punch cards.

Stu understands that while media technology changes, the basic principles of effective communication do not change – deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Throughout the past 30 years as an agency creative director and project manager, Stu has managed political and public information campaigns at the national, statewide and local levels.

He holds a master’s degree in communications management from the Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism at USC and is an attorney admitted to the State Bar of California.

When he is not writing advertising copy, Stu can sometimes be found in the stall of his wife’s Dutch Warmblood gelding shoveling horse manure. Some would say there is not much difference.


Production Manager

Sean Simko does the heavy lifting, literally and figuratively, as a serious bodybuilder and as Forde and Mollrich’s production coordinator and in-house videographer/ photographer.

Sean does production press checks, proofreads content and manages color and quality control of all printed materials. Sean has also produced photographic and videographic content for our clients.

For one client, Sean spent a month schlepping between printers and post offices in Alaska, where every day the local newspapers reported the previous day’s bear attacks. We were never worried about Sean, but we were a little concerned for the bears.


Media Relations Consultant

Take the Energizer Bunny, throw away the batteries, hook it up to a nuclear power plant and you have Maryann Maloney.

Forde and Mollrich’s media maven has 20 years of experience providing media relations services in the public and private sector. Governor Pete Wilson appointed her as special assistant to the director in charge of media services for the California Department of Social Services, a post she held for four years.

Maryann Maloney has provided media relations services to a number of non-profit and private sector clients in the health industry, including the Daughter’s of Charity Health Care Systems, Pacific Care, St. Francis Medical Center, United Healthcare and the Orange County Marathon.


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