Pete Wilson for United States Senate
Pete Wilson for Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team
Republican National Committee
Republican Congressional Campaign Committee
California Republican Party
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
James Roosevelt’s National Committee to Protect Social Security and Medicare
Californians for Strong Law Enforcement
Californians to Defeat Rose Bird
Citizens for Jobs and the Economy
Citizens for a Drug-Free California
Californians for Clean Safe Water


YES on 13 (1978) – Property Taxes
YES on 7 (1978) – Reinstatement of the Death Penalty
YES on 7 (1982) – Income Tax Indexing
NO on 9 (1982) – Peripheral Canal
YES on 10, 11, 12 (1982) – Republican Party Reapportionment Referenda
Sebastiani Reapportionment Plan (1983)
YES on 62 (1986) – Voting on Local Tax Increases
NO on Bird, Reynoso and Grodin (1986) – State Supreme Court Election
NO on 71 (1988) – State Government Finance
YES on 90 (1988) – Senior Citizen Tax Reduction
NO on 134 (1990) – Alcohol Excise Taxes
YES on 165 (1992) – Welfare Reform
YES on 164 (1992) – Congressional Term Limits
NO on 170 (1993) – Voting Requirements For Bonds
YES on 172 (1993) – ½ Cent Sales Tax for Law Enforcement
NO on 180 (1994) – $2 Billion Park Bond
NO on 211 (1996) – Securities Litigation
YES on 10 (1998) – Tobacco Tax
YES on Prop 39 (2000) – Education Funding
YES on Prop 50 (2002) – Water Bond
Governor Schwarzenegger's Initiative Voter Guide (2004)
NO on 4 (Alaska, 2008) – Limitations on Mining Industry


YES on Measure A (1994) – El Toro Airport
NO on Measure S (1996) – Repeal of Measure A
YES on Measure F (2000) – El Toro Airport
YES on Measure W (2002) – El Toro Airport


City of Newport Beach
City of Irvine
Orange County Great Park


Gallo Winery
Sebastiani Vineyards
The Irvine Company
The Koll Company
Baldwin Development
Pacific Bay Homes
Hearthside Homes
Manly, Stewart & Finaldi: APC
Ziegler Securities, Inc.


Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
California State Sheriff’s Association
Self-Insurance Institute of America
United Agribusiness League
California Association of Small Employer Health Plans
California Housing Council
Californians for Better Transportation
Transportation California
Apartment Association of Orange County
Apartment Assn. of Los Angeles County
LEARN (Los Angeles School Reform)
Orange County Building Industry Association
Forum For Early Childhood Development
Clean Tech OC
Center for Urban Infrastructure
The Energy Coalition
California Chamber of Commerce

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